A lot of clients come to us because we serve great coffee. Then we tell them that we’ve been around for 22 years. They see our portfolio of work done for brands across India and the Middle east. They bond with our team. And then sign on the dotted line.
Only so they can keep getting more great coffee.


Keep it simple dude! Nothing works like simplicity does. The clarity in our thinking manifests into interesting, exciting and easy-to-connect creative solutions.


As non-stereotypical an ‘advertising’ firm as it gets. To begin with, we don’t have the ultimate statement of cool – the Beanbag – fugly-ing up our work space. We’re chill, honest, easy, crazy and shitloads of fun!
Meet us. You’ll love us.


Awards are not important to us. We are driven purely by a desire to slog endlessly for the greater glory of advertising. NOT!!!! Of course we love our metals! That’s our second biggest obsession. After Sunny.

Lesser-known facts about Origami


Hanith Madfoon Plates Ordered


Clients Worked With


UAE Year of Incorporation is before Birthday


Causes We Support


From 4 in 2000, we are 62 today. And one of us even has a tail.

Ask these clients about us. We’ve already called and told them what to say.


Our Featured Works and Case Studies so far


Our services are delivered by our well experienced team who are passionate about solving challenges and developing your business.

Digital Marketing

Every day we’re discovering newer ways to connect with your customers faster, more effectively, and in ways that will make them love you more. Our Slipstream Programme enables us to conclusively work on digital strategy for web, social,
search and more

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital User Experiences
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Business Process Solutions
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Mobile App Development

Traditional Marketing

Old habits die hard. And in our case, we only get better at it. We‘re as ready as ever to get our hands and minds full, with challenging print, radio, TV and outdoor campaigns.

  • Research
  • Creative Strategy
  • Creating and Managing Brand Campaigns
  • Brand Experiences
  • Multimedia Production


We take more pride in the brands that we helped create, than those that we have worked with. Building brands that people can relate to and rely on, is what we’re best known for.

  • Brand Strategy
  • New Brand Launches
  • Rebranding programs
  • Brand Custodian Programs
  • Repositioning Exercises
  • Packaging Design
  • Strategic Brand Properties

Internal Communication

Do we really need to tell you the importance of effective employee communication? Downward, upward, horizontal communication or creating brand champions, we have been mastering this for sometime now.

  • Employee Engagement
  • Referral Programs
  • Facility Branding
  • Value Inculcation
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • The Improv Shop


If you’d like some of these idea-centric communication solutions that we’re so proud of, give us a call. It could change your life. Well, maybe not, but it will be worth it.


No 8/1-2, 3rd, floor, Palace Loop Road,
Opposite Mount Carmel College,
Bangalore – 560052

General Enquiry :+91 80 4112 1109

Business Enquiry :+91 8047093893
Email Id : the.bird@origamicreative.com


3807, Citadel Tower,
Business Bay,

Business Enquiry :+971 50 9864674

Email Id :  the.bird@origamicreative.ae


GVRA-B14, Vazhayila,
Trivandrum- 695564

General Enquiry :+91 9980 802 182
Email Id : viju.s@origamicreative.com


Suite #405, 5050 Kingsway,
Burnaby BC V5H 4C2


306, 3rd Floor,
Gokul Arcade- B,
Behind Garware House,
Subhash Road, Navpada Colony,
Ville Parle East, Mumbai -57

General Enquiry :+91 80 47093893

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