How a creative agency gave a whole new spin to an online store for customized goods

Zwende is an online space that acts as a platform for designers to sell their artworks in the form of lampshades, wallets, bags and other attractive commodities. The interesting feature about this site is how it lets people customise what they want to suit their unique tastes.

Let us walk you through how they achieved that!

Challenges faced by Zwende:

Some of the toughest challenges Zwende faced was the lack of reasonable customization tools that were available. The ones that were, were proving to be highly expensive for the business. Also, considering it is also a platform for designers to exhibit and sell their work, supplying those distinct orders as per the designers who have created them was turning out to be a difficult. The revenue sharing and reconciliation was another hassle. Origami, with its expert business solutions, created a manageable marketplace to combat all of the aforementioned issues.

Here is what Origami did:

To start with, Origami understood the business model like its own. On realising the expense in the available customization tools available in the market are rather overbearing, Origami came up with not just a cost effective but also time effective solution for the brand. This solution reduced the cost for both the brand and the customer.

For each of the designers who foray into the online space because of Zwende, there was a distinct marketplace that was visible to them according to the orders they received. It made the designer’s job easy, and made for easy delivery of their work. The designer could even see the product that had been demanded due to a thumbnail provided to them on the OMS.

A win-win for everyone!

Each designer created distinct products, hence leading to distinct demands resulting in a mix of different works. Thanks to a rather efficient order management system, the customer carts would be split between the designers. The orders were neatly managed and were completely automated, so did not require the brand’s constant manual intervention. It was now possible for Zwende to deliver successfully to their promise.

As it is not a vendor driven market, Zwende faced challenges when it came to revenue sharing and optimum consolidation of orders. Given the diverse orders and number of designers, Origami provided a solution by generating a consolidated list of both orders and designers, making it easy for Zwende to share revenue and reconciliation of payments. By establishing an efficient system, the problem of revenue distribution was solved.

Benefit to customer:

Today one can easily customise their order and expect it to be efficiently delivered at your doorstep.