How Origami solved branding problems for an artisan coffee brand

Flying Squirrel is one of India’s well known and only artisan coffee brands. But to become a brand, it has undertaken a long journey, a journey on which it partnered with Origami to achieve the experience it was looking to provide every yearning coffee aficionado. It faced its many challenges in establishing itself on e-commerce, to be able to supply to not just you and I but also cafes that cater to a select taste.

Today it organises events and subscriptions and is becoming as far reaching a brand as its aroma itself.

Challenges faced by Flying Squirrel:

For a new artisan coffee brand making its foray into the Indian ecommerce space and also tapping a rather new market of serious coffee drinkers, Flying Squirrel had a few challenges. The coffee variants differed from one another when it came to grind size and roasts, also differing in the weight. Hence a proper order management system was needed that could reduce human errors to a minimum and be successful in delivering unique coffee, each distinct from the other to the customers. Also, they needed a mobile friendly site as they wanted to be available for everyone. Also, great coffee should never be so hard to come by, right?

Here is how Origami helped:

Origami stepped in to provide business solutions that have minimised human interventions in the operations of The Flying Squirrel. The order management so established, takes care of the invoicing, to the billing of the entire lot. Also, a unique SKU is generated with each order that helps the packer differentiate from the requirement of one order to the other. Even orders that are placed on Amazon can be monitored from the same OMS, making it easier for them all. For orders fulfilled by Amazon, the AWB is generated via the OMS, including the AWB numbers for other orders.

Also, due to this system, each customer gets exactly what they ordered. The right roast and the right grind size.

The events hosted by The Flying Squirrel can also be managed from the OMS, helping The Flying Squirrel strengthen its subscriptions and customer base.

The Flying Squirrel was also impressively branded by Origami. The brand was given a warm, welcoming and quirky personality. Origami partnered them in this journey that included the formation of the logo, the packaging, and even the campaigns undertaken to generate awareness and likeness for the brand.

Benefits for customers:

An efficient brand to order the best coffee from, minimal human intervention in a smoothly running order management system and a fun coffee brand to call your own!