How Origami helped a leading online meat shop run seamlessly

Brown Apron was looking for an all-round solution for its meat delivery system, a system that is hassle free, easy and in all still keeps the essence of the core selling point of the brand, i.e. Fresh meat that is cut only when ordered.

How do we make that happen?

Challenges faced by Brown Apron:

Order management was one of the more important challenges as it involved variables of fluctuating price and weight. Also, the delivery system required a system for monitoring the various locations.

Another major challenge Brown Apron was faced with was the constant varying weights and price of the meat. Being one of the leading brands, it wants to be completely honest in its pricing.

A lot went into planning out a seamless order management system that carries out operations and delivery, with minimum waste. Not to mention, the complications that arise with each product and a unique SKU that is generated. Managing inventory was no walk in the park.

Here is what Origami did:

Among interesting branding solutions, Origami swooped in with innovative business solutions to tackle these rather challenging issues.

The order management system aggregated the orders and consolidated them in one order management system that made it convenient to monitor, confirm and deliver according to the placed orders. The system so created, displayed the orders of an individual facility, at one time, for zero confusions.

The delivery system was divided into different geographical zones that were handled by different delivery boys. A system was established that could be easily managed by the delivery boy on their daily milk run. Brown Apron continued to keep its promise of fresh meat, ordered, packaged and delivered within 2 hours, only.

Superior logic and a built in algorithm gave birth to yet another solution, that of updating the price and weight according to the market price. The customer was informed about this important change when their order was being packaged.

For minimum waste, and maximum meat a system was established that skimmed through the inventory, and managed each of the unique SKUs that changed on a per day basis. Hence, what had to be disposed was successfully dealt with.

Thanks to Origami’s presence of mind and skillsets, today Brown Apron receives distinct orders online and through phone calls with a seamlessly managed call centre system.

Consumer Benefits:

Origami’s solutions improved and strengthened the business management system, handing you a more efficient online meat store!